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Some confusion about the cost of chat room…please watch the video

5 bucks a month and you can cancel whenever you wish.
the 30 max payments just makes it easier on me and you so I don’t have to make a new button every month…the video explains it 🙂

Been a Great Week in the Chat Room

Hopefully everyone who wanted, to took advantage of the chat room this week…it was free.

starting next week there will be a fee of $5/month.

have a great weekend and don’t forgot mothers day on Sunday.

Chat room open all week 24hrs

Just want to make sure everyone is aware that the chat room is open to everyone this week. stop by and check it out.


Password =  tennis

Chat Room Open at 3pm EST Thursday April 28

I’m having a q & A on Thursday April 28…at 3Pm ESt

Click below and enter your name and use the room

Click here to enter chat room

Lots of bank holidays on Monday APr 24-11

CHF Bank Holiday
French Bank Holiday
German Bank Holiday
Italian Bank Holiday
Bank Holiday
Bank Holiday

Up Next 12:30am JPY
All Industries Activity m/m


All Day CHF
Bank Holiday
All Day EUR
French Bank Holiday
All Day EUR
German Bank Holiday
All Day EUR
Italian Bank Holiday
All Day GBP
Bank Holiday
10:00am USD
New Home Sales


All Day AUD
Bank Holiday
8:00pm AUD
CB Leading Index m/m

New Strategy…MACD – EMA

NOTE: I misspoke and said 3min range chart….obviously meant to say
3 pip range chart…thanks to Fabio for catching that 🙂

New Strategy Coming Tomorrow (Wed, 20th)

I’ve been emailing back and forth with a member who has  been tweaking this simple strategy a bit and i think we have it nailed down pretty good.
I expect this one will be discussed quite a bit in the chat-room to start, but won’t be limited to this strategy.

Thanks to all who have sent in emails regarding the direction you want the chat-room to go….keep’em coming 🙂

Chat Room Comments Answered

Dave has re-opened the doors and will trade the strategy of your choice with his own account;

click here

Week Ahead

Some usual econ. numbers sprinkled in this week;

– Building Permits on Tuesday

– existing home sales on Wednesday

– unemployment claims and philly fed on Thursday

– bank holiday for some countries on good Friday.
If you haven’t voted on the chat room idea already, please do…getting lots of emails mostly for, but some against…appreciate any and all feedback.

Chat Room Poll…Please watch