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Toying with a new strategy…

Sorry gang for the lack of contact and late emails response…I’ve been messing around with a new little strategy…hope to get it out to everyone this week sometime.

Great weekend for golfers

No friday q&A today…got a bit sidetracked today with some computer issues and the masters :-)….ok mostly the masters.

Something I’ve been doing lately is printing out some charts where I took trades to review…winners and losers…. i leave them on my couch, coffee table, wherever..just a change from sitting at my desk.

Have a great weekend.

HomeRun 110 EMA + Trading Plan PDF

Download the trading plan below;

Trading Plan

April 1 Q & A Part 2

April 1 Q&A Part 1

I cut the end of this video off abruptly as I just noticed I was running out of time…made up for it on part 2 🙂

New Strategy…110 EMA

Make sure you read the fine print…

I know nothing about this strategy/software etc.
but I know that with all the emails being sent out there will be some interested in buying it…just make sure you find out about the refund policy before dropping 1.5k

Week Ahead

Nfp this Friday and pending home sales Monday at 10am EST.
off course any and all news coming out of libya and japan can and will move the market.
Also waiting on some news about a new product you’ve all been getting emails about (not from me though)…am hearing it is expensive and the refund policy is a bit tricky.

Friday Update…Trading Buddy Stuff

Futures Mag Subscription

Below is the link…I checked and it works…I believe it’s for US address only.

Link #1