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Discipline Spin 4

In case you didn’t get the email, click the link below
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Interview with Dave regarding his strategy (actually 21 of them )

Below are the 3 files of me interviewing Dave, the creator of the strategy I have been testing.
Please listen to all 3 as there is some real interesting topics discussed…including:

1. the fact that he is including 20 other strategies…
2. He is going to allow 3 traders to trade his account.
VERY COOL stuff!!!!!!!

Dave Interview Part 1

Dave Interview Part 2

Dave Interview Part 3

Discipline Spin 3

New Strategy Update 7

Discipline Spin 2

Discipline Spin 1

Discipline Project

New Strategy Update 6

New Strategy Update 5

Sorry…forgot to hit update when I made this it’s a day late 🙂

New Strategy Update 4