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April 1 Q & A Part 2

April 1 Q&A Part 1

I cut the end of this video off abruptly as I just noticed I was running out of time…made up for it on part 2 🙂

Q & A Mar 18-11 Part 2

Q & A Mar 18-11 Part 1

Here is the link to Dave’s new video…well worth watching!!

Dave’s Video

Help Japan

Our thoughts are with all those in Japan and those who have friends and family there.
I’m sure you have seen the links on yahoo etc, but thought I would post one here just in case (I grabbed it from the front page of Yahoo)

Salvation army link below…and you can chose where it goes…I just typed in “Japan relief effort”

Donate here

Q & A Feb 18-11

Q & A Sunday Feb 13-11

Q & A Jan 28-11

Q & A Jan 21-11

Q & A Jan 14-11