Q & A Mar 18-11 Part 1

Here is the link to Dave’s new video…well worth watching!!

Dave’s Video

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  1. Re the virus thing. I have downloaded this indicator in the past and got the virus message. I asked a computer geek buddy friend who said the reason for this is as follows. On certain types of virus chechers NOD 52 being one the pattern recognition and reproduction of the support and resistance indicator behaves in a way that can emulate a virus. The checkers with active heuristics look for virus type behaviour and flashes it up as a warning. Solution. Turn off checker if you trust the scource. Download intsall and then turn it on again. Thereafter you should be ok. Hope this helps.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for this post…good info.
    I think another mistake was I didn’t zip the exe file and that might have been the reason it set off alarm bells as well…so in the future I’ll be sure to do that.

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