Make sure you read the fine print…

I know nothing about this strategy/software etc.
but I know that with all the emails being sent out there will be some interested in buying it…just make sure you find out about the refund policy before dropping 1.5k

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  1. Enrico Carpita

    Hi Guy,

    really appreciate your input; I love to see that there’s still in the industry somebody that have ethic and morality.
    Keep going with the good work.

    Best Regards


  2. John Crawford

    I will try to keep this post a little smaller.

    Excellent advice. In addition to the required statement, what I understood in another webinar that was presented was that you were eligable for a refund if you did NOT profit. Technically that just means they guarantee their system to be better than 50/50. Even $1.00 profit is profit and if your statement shows that then you might be denied a refund even though it may be obvious to you that the system may not measure up to all of their hype. Buyer beware.

  3. Hey Enrico,

    No worries, glad to help…1500 is a lot of dough to get stuck with something that you can’t return and or doesn’t work.

  4. Hey John,

    No worries…long comments are fine 🙂

    Appreciate your insight…never dawned on me about being $1.00 profitable…good thinking.

  5. I’ve put a link to Chris’s post below…he shares his experience in an other comment…well worth reading.

    Another Comment HERE

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