New Strategy…MACD – EMA

NOTE: I misspoke and said 3min range chart….obviously meant to say
3 pip range chart…thanks to Fabio for catching that 🙂

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  1. In the last video you say you are using a 3 min range bar chart.
    What’s do you mean ? A range bar has no time as far as I know.
    Where can I get those range bars

  2. Hey Fabio,

    DUH…stupid me…thanks for catching that…It’s a 3 pip range chart…don’t know why I said minute. 🙂

    You can get a copy of the range charts by signing up to the indicators list…it will be emailed to you automatically…as will the other two indicators and anything else I add going forward…here is the link.

  3. Hi, what are the parameter set for the EMA’s and the MACD? and what time frame is best for the strategy

    • Hey George,

      The EMA’s are 110 exponential and 50 exponential….you can set the MACD to 8,16,5

  4. Again very good work..ill try it out.can i use this method on 5 and 15 min charts..???.ive been testing the 110 Ma..working well…got my 20 pips yesterday…
    thanks for all your good work..

    • Hey Norman,

      Thanks for the feedback, and good work on the 20 pips.
      There will need to be some testing done for longer time frames, but there should be no reason why it won’t work…just keep in mind the risk/reward will differ as well as the number of trades triggered.

  5. coy baucom

    looks good. will try it.

  6. Hi! It looks very good system. I would like to ask you what pair you suggest and what times to trade.

    • Hey Nikos,

      Start with the usual pairs, E/U, G/U, E/J and trading times are the typical…London, NY overlap.
      I’ve gotten some emails from other traders saying they are using this strategy on 15M charts on cross pairs like CAD/JPY, AUD/NZD. GBP/CAD, CHF/JPY.

  7. Nikos GR

    Thank you very much for your reply. I have one more question if you dont mind….
    Assume we are waiting to sell (EMA110 is above EMA50) and the price crosses above EMA110 and ofcource it is still above EMA50 and MACD crosses down. Do we have a signal?
    Please write down a manual to help us. It looks very promissing method

    • Hey Nikos,

      No…if price breaks above the 110 then all bets are off…we are looking for the area between the 50 and 110 to act as support/resistance …and if it breaks that…then we pass on the trade.

  8. Can you send me the indicators/template for this system…I’m not sure what a 3 pip range chart is…’s the first time I’ve even heard of it and I’ve been studying mt4 for about 5 years….also…have you started the signal/chat group yet?

    • Hey Rick,

      The indicators are the 2-line MACD= settings 8,16,5, 50 EMA, 110 EMA
      Both the range charts and 2 line MACD are available by signing up here

      The room is open all this week free. Please understand it is not a room where trade calls are the focus…there is not one guru or strategy being used. It is more about sharing and discussing ideas etc. than it is about just having trades called out….although that can/will/and does happen from time to time.
      Next week I’ll be sending an email to everyone letting them know of the $5/month fee in order to use the room.

  9. saivenkat

    Respected Norman,
    Thanks for the share.. Could you please clarify me the long pending doubt in me.. From what i understand, as i do till this date, run rangebars on one minute chart, and simultaneously open the 2 min offline chart for my trades..

    In above post, and also in various forums, i read that range bars charts could be run on higher TF’s like 15 min or so.. How is this possible?

    I tried my hand, by allowing the rangebar chart to run on 15 or 5 min chart, and subsequently opened the respective offline chart ( 15 or 5 minutes as the case may be) two things i observed..
    1) The rangebars formed are of erratic in nature, each one of different heights..
    2) There is no difference in the offline chart that i get, when i run it on either one minute TF or in 5 minute or in 15 minute TF..
    Could you please clarify..
    Sorry for be sooo…….. noob…

    With respects

    • Hey Saivenkat,

      You can only increase the pip range of the bars…but must still run the script on the 1min chart only.
      Under the inputs tab where you enter the bars range…you can make this as large or small as you want…3pip range, 15 pip range etc.

  10. saivenkat

    Thanks a lot Norman for your Clarification.


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