One Week Down…

Well this was the first week for the chat room. And the feedback i’ve been getting has been great. We are a small group but friendly and helpful and eager to learn and share.

Thanks to all of you who have joined, and look forward to meeting more folks as we continue to grow.

2 Responses to One Week Down…

  1. hi just to let you know that the chat room link you provided is opening up but when i enter the password you provided and and press enter it just does not connect to open up the chat room. I am continuously seeing the “connecting” message. Nothing happens after that…thanks to look into this or advice me if I am doing anything wrong. Best regards

    • Hey Anees,

      Hmmm…that’s odd…so far you are the only person to have email me with this issue.

      Be sure not to sign in as moderator…and perhaps try another web browser is all I can think of as a solution.

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