Q & A Jan 21-11

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  1. Been following the blog for a few weeks and have really enjoyed the candid vids and opinions. I wanted to comment on this video after I heard your talk about EA’s. BINGO. That is what I said to myself when you mentioned the EA’s that work best, are not for sale. I too know of a chap who developed his own EA, I’ve seen it in action on his live account. It makes money steady and he has no plans on selling it. He is content to let it make money for him, end of story. So it is nice to hear you speak what I believe to be the truth about EA’s
    Bravo, and thanks for the interesting blog.

  2. Hey umbfx,
    Thanks for your comment. Neat to hear once in a while that there are EA’s that work well. And it is always the same…I know a guy who will never sell it 🙂
    Don’t be shy, feel free to give me feedback good or bad.

  3. I’m like umbfx, been enjoying the videos and the posts about trading you etc. And thought I would chime in on EA’s. I like them. I am a programmer and do buy EA’s that I think are good and come from vendors I trust. I am able to open them up 😉 and peek inside and tweak them to improve them. Not all the time, but enough that it makes it worthwhile to buy.
    I know I am not the norm as most people don’t have the background and skill I do, but wanted to share that with you. That there can be some money made with available EA’s…if you know what you are doing.
    Enjoying the blog, great work.

  4. Hey Pete,
    Very Cool. Thanks for the post. I am glad to hear you are able to manipulate some commercial EA’s. I think you are in a very small minority of people who poses this skill, and congrats to that. I think for the most part people see EA’s as a short cut, and we know where shortcuts get you in life.
    Thanks again for sharing.

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