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  1. zaลกto nisam dobio indicatore

  2. Thank you very much for your video, trading method & spreadsheet. Simple system but it works. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey zeljko,

    Comments in English only please.

  4. Hey Peter,

    You are very welcome.

  5. Hey Russ just found this site so will jump in and follow it , you have helped me out with other stuff, thanks , am not up to speed with most things Tech , but you seem to make it easy enough even for old eyes, re the Hidden divergence is it simply a difference of normal divergence uses the HI and hidden uses the lows of the Stochastic or is that too simplistic?
    cheers and best regards from Oz,
    Allan J

  6. Hey Allan,
    If you know Russ then you are a lucky guy.
    Downloaded the free strategy then watch the video where I cover the set up in 3 different examples…it will help you spot the set up.

  7. Hello:
    I don’t get the script.
    Only get one message what my mail is verified, but I can’t download the range bars script.
    If possible to receive this in my email?
    Thank you.

  8. Hey Gustavo,

    Once you get the message that your email has been verified you will get a follow up email with the script attached.
    If you do not get it please email and I will sent it to you….but double check your mail.

  9. Please email me this script.
    I don’t receive it and in the site I am receiving this message:Our records indicate that you are already subscribed to this list and have verified your subscription.

  10. Hey Gustavo,

    I’ve emailed you the script ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Saludos, gracias por la estrategia . no logre abrir las 3 entrevistas.
    Muchas gracias.

  12. I was blown away with the interview with Dave. Both of you hit the nail on the head when you talked about the problem with following someone elseโ€™s trading system is that we are all individuals and there is so much contradictory information regarding trading. I am like you I want to risk less that I stand to gain. I also want to trade shorter time frames. What is most exciting for us new traders is that we begin to learn the reasoning behind each system which gives us much greater insight into trading than simply following a system just because it is a profitable system.

  13. james pagano

    Same situation as Gustavo’s problem. Please email me the script. Thanks.

  14. james pagano

    Never mind the previous email. I got the script at second email.

  15. Hey Oscar,

    Thank goodness for Google Translate ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you are having trouble opening and playing the interview, then try going to and using the VLC media player…I’ve never had issues using it.
    Here is the link.;1

  16. Hey Graysen,

    Thanks for the comment. And I got to thinking we should have talked about that topic more…It’s such an overlooked topic and not talked about enough…maybe I’ll do a video on how one trading is not a one size fits all.

  17. Can you e-mail me the “Stop-loss and Take-Profit Line Adjuster” scripts? Please

  18. Hey Admin
    Thank you very much, you are great !

  19. hello,
    could you please send me the support and resistance indicator and also the video link about the binary options trading? thanks very much! you’re doing an awesome service to countless traders . take care and God bless…


  20. Hi,
    Would like to put that 2 line macd on Ninja Trader. Would it be possible to get both the macd settings from you.


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