My goal is to share some very unique strategies as well as covering the mental part of trading…a part that is often overlooked by newbies when starting out. I also want toHELP YOU STOP BUYING CRAP from marketers that know nothing about trading.  I’ll be posting charts and videos as often as I can so be sure to keep checking back, as there will be new posts daily.

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  1. Cody Deering

    Range charts will not load on my charts i have it in my indicators but nothing happens when i load it on charts?? help. cody

  2. Hey Cody,

    The rangechart.ex4 file goes in the SCRIPT folder…not Indicators.

    • Hi, Looks cool. I am interested to try out the range chart. Where can I download the script, please? Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    Loaded Range Bar indicator, works great.
    I only get one days historical data and not xyz months.
    Hope you can help.
    Kindest regards,

  4. Hey Steve,
    Try This;
    When you drag the script onto the 1Min chart, under the Inputs Tab where it says Max Bars, put in 1000000000…or as large a number as you can and that should expand the number days you can scroll back with the range bars.

  5. Hey Ed,
    Under the heading Free Indicators…sign up and it will be emailed and that is where I’ll be sending all the free stuff I give away, indicators, video’s etc.

  6. Nice of you to do that. I as well have my own strategies, but will be checking in on yours too. Thank you for the range chart.

  7. Hey David,

    Hope you find the range charts useful 🙂

  8. I got your free strategy but it was for the hourly chart. How do you trade the range bars on the one minute? Could you clarify this? thanks!!

  9. Hey David,

    I have sent you an email to the address you gave when you posted this comment.

  10. Guus van Goethem

    This is really genuily great. Thank you very much for your kind help.. Hope to visit often, Guus

  11. Bruce Strom

    hey Dave thanks for indicators. i received them on yahoo acct but yahoo norton antivirus is saying that bps has a virus and will not let it copy/download but the rangebar script came through like a champ. can you resend it inside a zip file?


  12. Hey Guus,

    Really appreciate the post, and hope to see your comments in the future.
    All the best.

  13. Hey Bruce,

    Will send it to you in a zip.

  14. Frank Byers

    Hello: I know you already sent it to me but I cannot locate the download for the Range Bar Cart. Could you possibly resend that download to me. This would be greatly appreciated.
    I am just now stating to realize the great value of your training.

  15. Guus van Goethem

    Thanks for the new script. That will be a treat to be able to trade on the charts. ……Written from my wife’s comp. My system is dead now, probably bugged by a virus which was hidden in some cheap software. Please note my change of email account. Hotmail was too difficult with downloading software. Thanks Guy, great stuff……

    • Hey Guus,

      Yes the script is a must for MT4 users…very handy.
      Sign up on the blog for something…anything…and your new email will be part of my members list…I cannot add someone else’s email address to my members list.

  16. Guus van Goethem

    Hi Guy, thanks again for that great trade on the charts software. That is why I like Oanda, because I can trade on the chart. Now I can do it on MT4. Then, next thing: I cancelled Greg’s signals, because some teacher in the past had told me too many trades up is very very baddd. Got me money back, but see on your blog that you made a nice profit. So Now I feel like the prodigal trader.
    Further: Can you please tell me whether the chat room is still live? tennis didn’t get me in. As always.. Thanks a Million, Guus

    • Hey Guus,

      Ya it’s a pretty handy script for sure and hope guys will find it useful.

      I agree with you that too many trades can be a problem…but Greg is using a hedging strategy and needs to be in multiple positions….but glad you got your money back if you didn’t feel comfortable with it.

      The chat room is not open…there wasn’t enough interest to keep it running.

  17. Hi,

    Just watched one of your videos on youtube, I trade S&P Eminis but want to learn Forex as well. What charting system do you use and can it be used for S & P Eminis?


    • Hey Deborah,

      All the forex examples on youtube are done using MT4…you can download a demo account from any broker. And I wouldn’t trade futures via mt4…If you are trading the ES I assume you are using ninja, TS or Multicharts…stick with them for futures.

      Oh and sorry for the late reply 🙂

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